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Selling your property or business isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a big step in the next phase of your life. This is the culmination of your life’s work. As you prepare for the leisure of retirement, let Danklefs Storage Group shoulder the responsibility of ensuring a seamless, rewarding, and valuable self-storage property sale.

Danklefs Group will help you sell your self-storage, boat & RV storage, or development site for the highest amount possible in today’s market.


Are you looking to retire? Are your investors ready to profit from their investment? Either way, it represents years of hard work, dedication, and strategic decisions. If you’re at a crossroads and considering selling your self-storage property, you might wonder, “How do I maximize my investment?”

You’ve poured time, effort, and financial resources into your self-storage business. You understandably want the highest possible return. At Danklefs Group, we’re here to ensure your property’s sale reaps the rewards you rightly deserve.

Why Danklefs Group?

You have a lot of options for selling your self-storage property. Why go with us? Whether you’re in self-storage, boat & RV storage, or looking to sell a development site, Danklefs Group is your trusted partner.

  1. Expertly tailored guidance: Our agents know your real estate is unique, which is why we offer advisory solutions that cater to your end goal and the nuances of your property.
  2. In-depth market expertise: Danklefs Group has a strong presence throughout Texas. We have our finger on the pulse of the state’s economy, self-storage inventory, and the changing dynamics of the storage market. This localized knowledge positions us to find the right buyer for your property—and helps you get the highest possible returns in today’s market.
  3. Pricing integrity: Trust is everything. Our commitment to you is to provide you with fair pricing estimates which create demand for your property.
  4. Comprehensive services: Danklefs has extensive experience in self-storage. Backed by Marcus & Millichap’s Self-Storage Division, we offer industry-leading advisory services supported by cutting-edge research.

Services for Sellers

Danklefs Group provides a range of helpful, personalized services designed to help you sell your property to the right buyer, at the best possible price.

  • Brokerage: We are experienced with both sides of the negotiation table. We help buyers and sellers navigate the process of buying or selling a self-storage property. From property search to negotiations to closing, we will be your advicate every step of the way. Our goal is to sell your property for the highest possible amount so you can enjoy the rewards of your labor.
  • Advisory & Valuation: Don’t navigate this process alone – that just leaves money on the table. What steps can you take to make more money today and tomorrow when it you are ready to sell? Danklefs Group is not a credentialed appraiser. However, with our expertise we can provide an advisory analysis of your property called a broker price opinion, giving you an estimated sale price for your property, and if you are not ready to sell today, strategies to maximize your value for a future sale down the road.
  • Financing: Need guidance on refinancing, acquisition, or construction financing? We’re here to help. For sellers, we get to know your ultimate goals and work backward from there. Our goal is to sell your property for the highest possible amount so you can enjoy the rightful fruits of your labor. For buyers, we leverage our real estate expertise to present various viable financing options based on your goals.
  • Market research: There are unique nuances to the Texas self-storage real estate market. The market is changing constantly, and we know it can take time to stay on top of the latest trends. That’s why Danklefs Group offers in-depth research on the self-storage market as a whole, as well as the unique markets here in Texas. This research equips you with the proper knowledge to make informed decisions about your property sale.

How to sell your self-storage property with Danklefs

Real estate transactions have many moving parts. At Danklefs Group, we aim to de-mystify the process for you and offer a transparent, streamlined journey from listing to the final sale. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us

1. Initial consultation and review

To start, we schedule a detailed consultation where we assess your property and your goals. This meeting ensures we’re aligned in our goals and can create a strategy which best suits your needs. We maintain the upmost discretion to protect your confidentiality, so there’s no risk in consulting with our team.

2. Individualized analysis

Every property is unique.  We delve into market reports, comparable sales, and the potential of your facility. While we aren’t appraisers, our wealth of real estate experience equips us to offer a detailed analysis of your property’s estimated sales price in today’s market.

3. Strategic marketing

Once we understand your property’s value and selling proposition, our team uses a range of strategies to market your property to the right buyer. From digital marketing to connecting with our vast network of vetted buyers, we ensure your property receives the visibility it deserves.

4. Negotiating and deal structuring

When a buyer expresses interest in your property, we negotiate with them on your behalf and structure the deal. You get favorable terms while we simplify the nuances of the deal structure for you.

5. Closing

Our involvement doesn’t end with finding you a buyer. We remain by your side during escrow, overseeing paperwork, interacting with legal teams, and ensuring a hassle-free closing experience.

Top Quote
Jon was the most wonderful realtor I have every used and I’m a realtor! He was professional, courteous, honest and did absolutely everything he said he was gonna do! Oh yes, He sold our facility as well. Would totally recommend him!
Kristen DiCaro
Jon and his group do an outstanding job! He handled my sell start to finish and still checks in with me after the close. He is a Pro at what he does. Can’t say enough about how professional he is!
Dane Braun
Jon and his team are a pleasure to work with. He exhibits professionalism and patience with his clients and is a problem solver. During a difficult transaction Jon kept the deal alive with his resourcefulness and saw it to completion. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.
Chad Haggar
CEO, StorWise Self Storage
I wanted to take this opportunity to specifically thank Jon Danklefs for the successful marketing and sale of our self storage business. I sincerely believe that this transaction would not have been completed without the efforts of Jon. His contributions were monumental and really made this deal work for all involved. Throughout the entire process which was certainly lengthy and significantly complex, Jon revealed major league perseverance, patience, diligence, integrity, and loyalty every step of the way. I have never seen a person respond to every question, problem, etc. with such alacrity - we are talking "speed of light". You would contact Jon via phone, text or E-mail and he would respond immediately - remarkable! It was a pleasure to work with Jon on this project. The guy did a fantastic job for us - getting the price we wanted - never leaning towards the concession side even though I suggested it a few times. He knows his stuff- first class broker- and also happens to be a gentleman and a truly nice guy.
Keith Krause
Jon is straight shooter, he knows self storage and the local/regional market place. Jon keeps you informed on the deal progress and has a plan in place when hurdles pop up. Id refer him to anyone looking to buy or sale. Great guy and a good working relationship inside the self storage broker world.
Stephen Allen
Jon Danklefs is absolutely fantastic to work with! He knows the real estate industry thoroughly, is an excellent communicator and always follows through. Jon is the first person I call with commercial real estate needs.
Dave Johnson

What's Your Facility Worth?

Self-storage real estate values depend on a lot of factors. Provide a few details about your property, and we’ll estimate what your facility is worth in today’s market. Danklefs Storage Group will review the information and send you a free, customized quote.

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